Purple Maze
Purple Maze Purple Maze Purple Maze Purple Maze

Purple Maze

  • KADU Men’s Purple Maze Board Short, T-Cut

    style#: tru133

    Our T-Cut, high performance board short is the result of five years of dedicated research, development, and more than a hundred hours of water time. These shorts, constructed from a highly durable poly-suede, are extremely soft, comfortable, and practically weightless. You will be hard-pressed to find a lighter trunk on the market. The poly-suede fabric gets even better as it weathers. The long and loose fit of the T-Cut doesn’t hang, bind, or constrict. We use a nylon thread that is extremely strong and lies flat. These fast drying shorts with a timeless and classic Ikat print are designed to last several seasons. The added Kadu bonus, throw on a t-shirt or button down and you can go straight from the ocean or pool to cocktail hour and still look sharp.

    Origins of Purple Maze Ikat

    Terrengganu, Malaysia

    This sensuous purple fabric, invoking floral scents and mystery, was originally woven for a sarong in 1900 to be worn by a man in the royal court in the region of Trengganu on the east coast of Malaysia. In the hierarchical world of Malay courts, Indian notions of kingship prevailed and prestige and wealth were inherited. Finely-woven textiles, such as this sarong, were symbols of rank and status.

  • Fabric: Polyester/Suede, gauge

    This is the fastest drying, lightest weight (at 4 oz ?), most comfortable and durable material available on the market. It is also water repellent, deflecting 95% of water, also keeping the trunks as light as possible.

    Cut: T-Cut.  23 in inseam

    We use only two side panels for the entire piece, which means less stitching and no side seams running up your The length is designed to hit just above the knee allowing for maximum freedom and some sun protection.

    Interior placket: Lycra/spandex gauge weight

    The placket is the intersection where it all comes together, if done wrong or cheaply it all comes apart. Our original placket design eliminates the ‘old school’ velcro design that we use a strong lycra/spandex blend and have included three small quality snaps for strength and protection.

    Exterior pocket: 5 x 7 in, zipper enclose.

    We tried at least four different pocket designs with variations in the size, flaps, snaps and folds. We ended up realizing that surfers have bigger pocket needs these days; cell phone, wallet, keys and shades. So we went big but kept the design minimal. A sewn down tab conceals the zipper and helps maintain the design aesthetic of the print.

    Drawstring: Recycled trunk fabric

    This is our first ''we made it'' claim. We struggled to find an eco material to use for a drawstring that looked good and would last over time. After several failed attempts, we thought why not try to make our own draw string from our own scrap trunk fabric. It worked out and looked great. Not only was it economical and enviro friendly; it turned out to be the strongest drawstring we’ve ever used.

    Nickel free hardware: Zipper Pull and draw string tabs

    We choose a safe and non-toxic metal to use for our ‘Sumba totem’ zipper pull design that was inspired by our  fellow surfer, and Jewelry designer, friend Lorenz Baumer.

  • The research and development phase for the KADU trunk line has been an ongoing fun-filled process. With the goal of creating a technically superior surf trunk, I have been traveling the world and surfing in our samples for the past five years, testing different materials, cuts, threads, zippers, draw strings and digital printing. All of our design decisions have been made through a process of problem solving, fine tuning and refining. Our 2013 inaugural collection is the result of love, dedication and hardwork.

    I’ve been wearing the first run of the polyester suede fabric for four years. The more I wear the trunks, the more I love them. They dry fast, feel great in the water, and I am the only one within 10,000 miles who has a pair…for now, anyway.

    We hope that you enjoy your first pair of KADU trunks. Welcome to the team!

    Mahola and Aloha!

    Terry ‘Simba’ Simms, Founder and Owner

Type: Trunks

Vendor: Kadu

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