How to Spend It

Posted on July 01, 2014 by Nancy Opitz

We are stoked and proud to see KADU board shorts and founder Terry Simms featured on the UK Financial Times of London list of worldly and fine pleasures.


May 29 2014
Cynthia Rosenfeld

Teaching “corporate surfers,” and increasingly their families as well, keeps long-board surf legend Terry Simms riding rip curls year round, from Montauk to Morocco, Costa Rica to Kauai. But chasing the perfect wave was easier, he says, than finding durable board shorts that moved with him in the water and would last more than one season. His clients, meanwhile, bemoaned the lack of interesting visuals in men’s swimwear.

Between surf breaks at Nihiwatu on Indonesia’s Sumba Island in the Flores Sea, Simms found inspiration in the isle’s animist ikat textiles, renowned throughout the archipelago and woven with horses, totems and even Sumba’s now-outlawed headhunting scenes. Five years of fabric and fit testing followed, resulting in KADU’s first collection of seven board shorts ($225 each) that stylishly double as casual beach or resort wear for those who prefer to keep on a more even keel.



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